I will defend my favorite character faster than myself

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six days of x-men [day two] favorite mutant: Charles Xavier
"We live in an age of darkness: a world full of fear, hate and intolerance. But in every age, there are those who fight against it. Charles Xavier was born into a world divided, a world he tried to heal… a mission he never saw accomplished. It seems it’s the destiny of great men to see their goals unfulfilled. Charles was more than a leader, more than a teacher. He was a friend. When we were afraid, he gave us strength. When we were alone, he gave us a family. “

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Charles Xavier + Smiles

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Oh Charles…

HIS FAAAAACE!!! Hippie!mutant!Jesus and his fucking angelic beauty I can’t!

Not gonna lie, I loved this look on him. Love hippie Jesus!Charles, sue me.

He looked so broken in this scene,I just wanted to give him all the hugs.

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Lots of juicy telepathy meta over there, and maybe I’ll dive into more of it later, but I just wanna make a point…

On the surface it does seem hypocritical that Erik and Raven are all “mutant and proud” but both forbid Charles to read their minds. BUT.

In Raven’s case, she grew up with…


"It’s not their pain you’re afraid of, it’s yours, Charles. And as frightening as it may be, that pain will make you stronger."

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Charles Xavier (dofp);

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you come into my house, you disrespect my problematic fave

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do you ever think about how fucking powerful charles is like he can seize full control of another class-4 mutant and operate his powers through his mind and like

considering how he only goes to measures like these as an absolute last resort, how do…


I remember posting about this moment when the movie first came out because it KILLS ME, because this? This is that cheeky ridiculous borderline obnoxious Charles from XMFC, and seeing him again - seeing Charles come that far - ugggggh.

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