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            ↳ It’s the greatest gift we have, to bear their pain without breaking. And it’s born from the most human part… hope. Please, Charles. We need you to hope again.  

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Power Piece -  « Professor X » 

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DOFP Charles is pretty sad in general but whenever I see this


I kinda lose it

For some reason I can’t help but think of Liz taunting Jack in 30 Rock over his CEO business cards that he’ll never use.

"Look what I found. You went to a printer, didn’t you? You picked out a font. You paid extra…



Charles Xavier in 13

YOOooooooo great job 叉歪!!

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Those tags LOL! But also…look at their faces. Look how Logan is watching Charles, willing him to make the right choice because they need him. But not forcing Charles or berating him, just quietly supporting him and being a good friend.

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I have faith in you, Raven.

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McAvoy: When I was trying to convince them that I should have long hair, there was a bit of humming and hawing. We got a hair extension person and I spent 15 hours with her, and we got it all dressed for the day I was going to film with Patrick. 

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