It’s adorable that they look to each other, as if they expect one another to have an answer or opinion about what’s going on. But they don’t even have to say anything, just that look and they know.

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I’ve always loved just how relaxed and engaged and amused Erik is in this scene. For someone who wants to pretend he doesn’t need any of this, that he’s doing it for other people, he is so utterly part of the group here while laughing at Sean’s misfortune.

Can I mention that I love the way Alex glances at him, almost as if he’s taking a cue from Erik? Almost like he’s like “This is going to end badly isn’t it?” And Erik’s face he’s expression just… ugh I have a lot of feels for this movie.

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Professor Charles Xavier: Ready for this? 
Erik Lehnsherr: Let’s find out! 

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